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By Safyan

Scientists are trying to develop such soft drink that can help in treatment of cancer. The scientists at University of Oxford are researching on oxygenated tumors by using a drink that could supply oxygen to the desired site after which chemotherapy and radiotherapy can eliminate the cancer cells.

Some tumors can live in low oxygen conditions after which they become drug-resistant. It happens because blood vessels become weak after growing of tumors which makes it difficult for chemotherapy to reach the depth of the tumor.

The scientists are researching on taking oxygen from stomach to pancreatic tumors by use of these soft drinks. The reason for choosing pancreatic cancer is due to their depletion of oxygen which limits the options for treatment.

Currently, the oxygen is brought to cancer cells through injecting oxygen-filled liquids, breathing of pure oxygen and putting patients in oxygen chambers. But these methods have several side effects including damage to nervous system and lungs.

It is expected that this new method will be cost effective and have fewer risks. Cancer research scientist Prof. Eleanor Stride says that they are hopeful to treat difficult cancers like pancreatic cancers through these soft drinks and they saw success while using it on mice in lab. Alone in UK, pancreatic cancer takes the lives of 8700 people every year.

Soft Drinks For Cancer Treatment

Soft Drinks For Cancer Treatment

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