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I have been over weight since my childhood. When I grew up, people pointed me out that I was going to over weight. I had to face various problems for the over weight. At that time, I was not in the habit of walking or taking exercises regularly. I remembered only that I loved food and also had love for fashion. I should be smart and active if I love fashion, so that the dress could be looked beautiful over my body. My weight was increasing day by day and there was no weight-loss & it was starting frustrating.

Then the time came, when I thought that I should start exercise to remain fit and active. When I started taking exercise, the world around me changed and other concerns related to my health were also solved. Most of the women like to have on diet to make them slim and smart. The diet is not the proper solution of the matter relating to the obese persons and they should come to the walking and exercise.

The people think that this is the force being incurred on them to take exercise and they take this message as negative. We should think positively for the exercise to tak

e at the proper time and regard the fitness proper for us.

The people should enjoy with their workouts and they should spare some time for their exercise or for walking. During the exercise, the people should minimize the repetitiveness and also extends the gratification.

Ingrid Bacci, the author of The Art of Effortless Living said that the exploring the things doing, which you loved as the kids, they were naturally athletic. All such types of actions like running, rollerblading, wrestling or rolling on the floor or down to the hill, are the elements, which your body can feel against wind, water and earth.

Researchers also said that if you are engaged in any physical activity, which can reduce your stress, it will go beyond the ordinary exercise. If you want to learn now to start love exercise, which can also amuse you, then you should keep it going on. If you are social person, then you can join the group activities like walking, square dancing, team volleyball, soccer or running a club. It can also be possible that you can keep an exercise partner for your regular motivation and for the stimulation.

You can also consider for the biking on the mountain areas or do the trekking, the persons can also like to do the rock-climbing marathons, intense task or the crave singular. These are the different exercises, who you can do there if you love to exercise.  If you start taking exercise for one time, then it will become the physical activity and your life style. If you leave the exercise for some days or for a week, then you should promise, that you will start it once again and come back to the right track. In this way, you will be in the smart shape and your health will be getting even better.

You should start taking exercise at your home or near your home, or at the gym or have the transport issue. I do my exercise in the local gym and I start walking from my home. During the walking, I enjoyed with music on the headphones. I listened different type of music and enjoy during the exercise too.

The exercise should give you the feeling of the sensation and stop trying hard for your exercise and you should also concentrate on the sensation of your body. You should do what you feel and avoid doing the painful or hard exercises

How I Learned to Love Exercise

How I Learned to Love Exercise

How I Learned to Love Exercise

How I Learned to Love Exercise

How I Learned to Love Exercise

How I Learned to Love Exercise

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