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Ginger Can Protect Against Arthritis

Ginger Can Protect Against Arthritis


American experts discovered after a study conducted on 247 patients that juice of ginger is more affective for arthritis as compared to medicines like NSAID will it is also free of adverse effects.

This combined research was done by University of California, Los Angeles and other organizations in which 247 volunteers were included who were feeling pain in knees due to arthritis. One group of these patients was given pure and thick juice of ginger while the other group was given an artificial juice of ginger similar to the original ginger juice.

After one month, the patients drinking pure juice of ginger had reduction in the stiffness and pain in joints of knee which is the most painful stage of arthritis.

So far, it is not known that which ingredient of ginger is useful to treat arthritis but usefulness of ginger in several diseases show that this effect can possibly be produced with the combination of several ingredients.

The experts say that medicines like NSAID relief joint pain immediately but their daily use can cause several other diseases and pain. Comparatively, the juice of ginger affects relatively slowly but it doesn’t put negative effects on human health.

Ginger capsules are commonly sold in progressed countries but if you want better results, then ginger tea will prove better for you. Apart from that, eating ginger with daily food can also provide long term protection to your health.

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