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By zeeshan

Weight loss is not always equal. You may shed extra pounds before approaching beach and you may find them back again the next time you are dressing for beach.

Crash diets not only reduce your waist but also your metabolism. It is not possible for anyone to shun its favorite dishes forever and it will make it difficult for you to wear your tight pants again.

You need long term method to permanently get rid of extra fat by taking help from body defenses against fat. Following are few ways that will help you to permanently get rid of those love handles.

Embrace The Rainbow

Most people think that an effective diet plan should be a complex one but it is really difficult to adopt such technique practically as you may not get these things every time. Therefore, make it as simple as possible.

A trainer, Rob Aitken, says that every meal should contain colorful vegetables and lean protein as you will feel fuller and consume less calories if these two foods make up most of your diet.

Be Realistic

You should be realistic that you can adopt the purely clean food for at most 1 month regularly and then it will not be possible to do so for long. Therefore, it is better to relax a bit. Founder of P4 Body, Dylan Jones, advises to use clean diet around 80% of your week which should be from Monday to Friday.

This will help you to remain fit and also enjoy your favorite dishes of weekend, Saturday and Sunday. But it should not increase than that as it may reverse all your gains in no time.

Don’t Drink, Have Drive

Liquids usually get less importance in reducing weight. Consuming a high protein 400 calorie salad is a good effort but it is of no use along with the consumption of 200 calorie drink. Aitken says to drink calorie-free beverages as it will make it difficult to manage your weight with hidden drinking calories.

Try to eliminate the use of alcohol and use as much water and herbal tea to accomplish your water requirement.

Do It For You

People want to lose weight for several reasons. Aitken said that many wants to look nice on holiday for which they exercise regularly but you need lot of understanding in order to keep fit for longer duration.

You may get motivation for 6 am gym after thinking about playing with your kids on holidays but it might not be enough in the office.

Try to exercise to achieve your priorities after knowing that why a healthier and fitter body is necessary for you. You should know about the improvements it will create I your whole life.

Reset And Restart

After accomplishing one of your goals, you should make another one for further motivation. Most of the times, people tend to get fitter for either getting married or going to holidays. But the motivation ends after completion of these goals.

The better option is to make foundation first and try to reach as high as possible. After decreasing your suit size, making six pack should be your next target. If you have disappeared your belly fat then removing moobs should you achieve next. Therefore, in order to remain motivated all the time, you should have higher and new targets. If something is boring or non-challenging then it should be replaced with a better one.

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