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By Safyan

Eating Before Bed is Harmful

Eating Before Bed is Harmful

The experts have repeated this thing that the food we eat have an impact on our lives but the timing of eating is more important than eating whereas the experts advised that don’t eat anything before going to bed because this will cause an increase in your fatness and will affect your sleep.

In America this practical was practiced on 110 Jaamiea students. In this investigation the scientist wanted to investigate the Melatonin particles in low light. This is a natural process in which the body is ready for sleep and type of a hormone named Melatonin is released which is also known as Sleeping hormone. In normal cases Melatonin starts releasing from most people at 8 pm.

The scientists have proved that the people who eat dinner late at night or keeps on eating till sleeping their melatonin are affected and the rate of weight also increases, that’s why most of the scientists advice to eat most of your calories part at the day time that will definitely have a good affect on your health and eating food made up of chicken late at night will also increase your fatness.

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