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By zeeshan

London, The experts have carried out different research works and they found that the dry fruits help in protecting their lives from different diseases. The dry fruits like almond, cashew nut, walnuts and others can keep the people healthy for long time and keep them away from the dangerous diseases. The dry fruits have the ingredients like fiber, minerals, anti oxidants and other ingredients, which can help in making the lives strong and lengthy.

The research work, surveys, and studies have been done in the Imperial College of London and Norwegian University of Science and Technology and they analyzed that these dry fruits are the super food and the dry fruits keeps the people away from the diseases like cancer, cardiac disease and premature death. The people should continue use of the dry fruit regularly and they can be saved from the cancer and heart diseases. The protection rate reaches to 22% from the cancer and cardiac diseases and if the people eat 20 grams dry fruit daily, they can be protected from cancer by 15%, cardiac diseases by 30% and breathing diseases by 52%. They can also be protected from the diseases caused by infection by 75%. These dry fruits keep blood pressure in control and stop cholesterol. The anti oxidants can save from the cancer disease.

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