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Karachi, the people, who suffer with obesity and overweight they can try this simple drink, which is prepared in home easily and it is also easily available. You need to prepare this drink at home and use it for 4 days so that you can lose 4 kg weights and waist to 16 cm. This domestic drink is used from many centuries in our homes and it is also tested by millions of people of many races. You should try this drink with the light exercise and the balanced diet to get the desired results. You should check the ingredients of this drink:8 glasses of water (2 liter)One medium size cucumber (peeled and cut into pieces)One medium size lemon (cut into small pieces)1 teaspoon grind ginger12 petals of fresh mintPowder of dry mint one teaspoonYou should put these things in the blender and switch on the blender to make the domestic drink and make the whole mixture including in water. You should preserve it by placing it in the refrigerator and drink 4 to 5 glasses daily. You should shake the drink well before drink it. This drink has odd taste and it will be difficult to drink it first. Take first glass of drink before breakfast and take second glass two hours after the breakfast and take remaining two glasses during the day time but you should keep space of two hours between the two glasses. You will feel that your body weight is reduced from the very next day. You should act upon this routine for four days and take exercise daily and take the digestible foods. But just after 4 days, stop taking this drink. The people, who use this drink and take exercise and take the balanced diet, the foot experts noticed benefit in it. They take the exercise daily in which one hour walk briskly, strolling and jogging is also included. When they complete four days to drink it, then they should stop it for one week and start it again. They should be cautious if they take it continuously without break and drink it beyond the four days, then they can face bad impact on their life. They can fall ill by taking this drink excessively.

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