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By zeeshan

Food colors are very powerful as they have the effect to bring good or bad changes to our moods in no time. We will give you examples of few of these food colors through which you can easily understand the concept of their effect.

Initially, we will talk about the effects of green leafy vegetables. These vegetables create a feeling of uplift that results in energizing and refreshing behavior. They also provide healing enzymes. Few examples are kale juice and what grass that provides energy and refreshment along with lively feeling with just even few drops. Red vegetables are also refreshing as items like red fruits, beet juice and berries provide lot of energy and iron to the body that builds hemoglobin in the body.

Different Colors of Food Change our Emotions

We can take examples from blue and purples foods also. They are less energetic than green or red foods but even then they provide sufficient energy. You can get much nutrition from fruits like acai berries, blue berries, black berries, brinjal and several other foods of the same color.

Orange and orange like yellow fruits also provide lots of energy to the body. A good example for vegetable of the same color is carrot that can provide lots of energy along with healing effects. White foods can also be used for energy boosting. You can gets vegetables of white color like turnips, cauliflower, onions and parsnips. All these foods not only provide energy but also boost our immune system.

Different Colors of Food Change our Emotions

Brown foods are also available that can be eaten after cooking or boiling. As compared to green or blue foods, they have less energy as they are void of much nutrients and produce unpleasant feelings.

Different Colors of Food Change our Emotions

Apart from these natural foods, there are processed foods also but they loss all their color energy due to which they are harmful for us. One thing should be kept in mind that food should not be kept in fridge for long as it will cause fading of their color and depletion of energy.

The best thing to do is to eat lot of colorful and healthy food that will make you healthy and feel pleasing.

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