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You might have a taste of highly spiced chicken and when it is eaten with so many peppers in it then it will give a new taste. Now you can also eat the creamy and yummy chicken bites with same taste and with less spices in it.

Boneless Chicken Pieces

Boneless Chicken Pieces


Boneless chicken cube             300 grams
Cumin seed                               1 table spoon
Green chili                                5 pieces
Yogurt                                       100 grams
Fresh cream                               200 ml
Garlic paste                                1 table spoon
Salt                                             1 table spoon or of your taste


Creamy Cheesy Chicken

Creamy Cheesy Chicken


Method of Making:

Firstly mix the boneless chicken pieces with ginger and garlic paste, cumin seeds, salt and with green chilli paste. You should mix it properly after that adds yogurt and cream in to the paste which you got by mixing. And mix all the ingredients again and do that for some time so that they are mixed well. Put that mixture in to the fridge for approximately 3 hours so that the mixture should marinate gently. After done take chicken pieces and grill them or fry them on medium fire. After doing all these process serve it with green chillies or tomato ketchup.

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