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Washington, it is the latest news of the use of honey that the natural sweetness presents in it can stop the material in the veins of heart and it saves from the heart attack. The smoking and other factors finish the elasticity in the veins of the heart and the solid yellow material starts gathering in it, which is called plaque, which stops the flow of blood in the heart and it can cause the heart problems and death. The natural sweetness present in the honey, ‘Trehlose’ can be reduced the rate of collection of protein in the veins to 30%. The new research work showed that the Trehlose activate the protein, which can help to clean the fats from the veins of the natural defense system of the body. When it was tried on the rats, then it was found that the fat collected in the veins was reduced to 30%. When the elasticity is reduced in veins and fats are included then the diseases like blood pressure and heart problems are created. The scientists of the Washington University injected the Trehlose to the rats, which were suffered from fats in their veins and some rats were given the sweet through their mouths. The rats, which were given the Trehlose, the layer of fats in the veins was reduced from 0.35 mm to 0.25 mm. It means that 30% plaque was melt. The rats, which were given the trehlose through their feed, there is no considerable difference in such rats, which means the difference is noticed through the injection.

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