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By zeeshan

Athens, It has been revealed recently that the colored vegetables and fruits are best for the physical and mental health. The ingredients present in these vegetables and fruits are useful for eyes and heart. They also help in maintaining the physical and mental health of the old age people. the red, yellow and orange vegetables and fruits has a natural color, ‘Keratonoids’, which is full with anti oxidant and it improves the sight and it also save the old age people from mental diseases.

This research was carried out in America and according to the research, the old age people should use tomato, oranges, the orange colored capsicums, carrots, pomegranates and other vegetables and fruits, then it will help to maintain their mental health, concentration and responsive force. The proper use of these vegetables and fruits can help to stop the dementia, and lack in decision making.

There are two other ingredients like Leutin (L), and Xesethane (Z) keratonoids, which are very useful,which are commonly found in spinach, peas and vegetables having deep color. According to one survey, the old old age people over 890years, they need Z Keratonoids, which can help them to increase their mental capability in which improved memory, and ability of speaking fluently. But the experts are looking for the main reason of it. According to an interesting experiment, 43 people having age range from 65 to 86 years are asked to remember the couples of different words and during this process, their mental status is checked through MRI. In this survey, 58% were the women. The scientists found the quantity of L and Z Kerotonoid collected in the retina of the eyes of these old age people.

The scientists revealed that the old age people having more L and Z keratonoid, they did not feel any difficulty to remember the coupes of the world and it shows that these Keratonoids makes the mutual connections of the mental tissues strong and quick and it is also verified by MRI.


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