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Coffee is basically most drunk in the world. Some peoples say that by drinking coffee a man feels freshness in the body. And some says drink coffee in winters because it’s very hot for a human body. But in Pakistan coffee is drunk the most.

Basically Pakistan has a tea culture but now a days Pakistani peoples have started coffee culture as well. This is a big change in the life of Pakistani peoples. Coffee culture is spreading so fast in Pakistan that new coffee outlets are opening day by day. Many coffee shops had played a very important role in introducing coffee to masses in Pakistan.

Coffee catching up in Pakistan

Coffee catching up in Pakistan

In Pakistan the drinking of coffee is seen more now a days. You can say that there is a competition of tea and coffee in Pakistan.  Scientifically it is noted that coffee is more helpful in keeping energy levels then tea, that’s why now coffee is given more preference then tea. All the professionals in Pakistan now prefer coffee instead of tea to go for long hours.

Before in most of the organization in Pakistan tea break was taken but now coffee has made Pakistani generation to drink it most of the time. So now peoples usually take breaks of coffee to make them fit for work. There are many varieties of coffee in the world and also found many coffee varieties in Pakistan. So that means that for a better coffee it is important that you should have a better variety to make it perfect.

Heart Coffee Cup

Heart Coffee Cup

Method of making coffee:-

Take a cup of hot water and use any coffee mix brew and put it in the hot water and stir it. After that put sugar of your taste in it and again stir it for sometime. Now take a pan and scoop ice cream on the pan over very low heat for approximately three minutes. After that pour it over the brewed coffee and enjoy the taste.

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