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By zeeshan

A Chinese herbal medicine has successfully been used to treat a special type of blood cancer (acute myeloid leukemia).

Experts of Hong Kong were behind this research who told that the results can be improved by mixing it with traditional cancer medicines while Chinese herbal doctors are using this treatment since long. This disease is the worst form of blood cancer; while a medicine ‘Homoharringtonine’ was extracted from ‘plum yew tree’ and given to patients of this disease and this medicine completely eradicate the disease along with other anti-cancer medicines.

This is a cancer of white blood cells while the disease uprooted the disease from 20 patients out of total 24 patients. A woman of 76 years of age remained safe from disease for 1 year while she was given the medicine for just 5 months. Cephalotaxus is the biological name of this tree while in Chin and Japan, it is also called ‘plum yew’. This special herbal medicine stops the production of protein used for growth by cancer cells.

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