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Childhood Activities and Games

Childhood Activities and Games

Toronto. The experts said that the children should let play and run in their daily activities. If they are habitual of running and playing in their early life, then their mental and spiritual capabilities can have good impact. The experts made the experiments on the rats. It is found that the childhood exercise can reduce the shortage of memory in the old age and it can also help to reduce the mental diseases. If the children become habitual of taking exercise, then their learning and understanding capabilities can be improved and it can last till their old age.

The scientists of University of Toronto said that exercise can leave good impact on the health of the children and the useful impressions are left till their old age and it can help to maintain their learning capabilities. It is also helpful in keep the disease of Alzymer disease away from the human beings. The experts divided the 80 rats into two groups in a lab and first group of the rats were kept on running on the running wheel for six weeks, which means, they took exercise. When these rats reached to the middle age after about 4 months, then all these rats were taken into a special box and a slight current was given to them. Whenever they were entered in the box, they remembered the current and they got terrified.

After the two weeks, the experts kept these rats in three different places. Some rats were kept in the same box and same room and the other group of rats were kept in the same box and room but the arrangement and the light was changed. The rats of the third group were kept in a separate room and box. The rats, which did not do the exercise of running in their childhood, they kept motionless after going in that box and they forgot which of the box has current and it is damaging. From 40% to 50% of the exercise taking rats remembered the current box and they did not become motionless because they remembered the dangerous box.

The experts say about the rats that the exercise taking in the childhood can keep the learning and understanding capabilities in their old age. The experts also proved that new mental tissues are made after the regular exercise and they can keep the mental health.

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