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By Safyan

Breast Milk Source of Antibiotics

Breast Milk Source of Antibiotics


Washington, the breast feeding is the great blessing for the infants. The breast milk has various carbohydrates and they can kill the germs and protect the infants from infections and diseases. The mother milk is the combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates and the benefits of the bacteria of the carbohydrates revealed for the first time, which are present in the mother milk.

The expert in Venderbulet University located in America said that the most useful and clean antibiotic medicine is present in the mother milk naturally. The basic motive of this research work is that the antibiotic medicines became ineffective against the germs and they proved tough against the best antibiotics.

When the expert, Steven started working to defeat the germs, he started thinking over the group B strap bacteria. This group attacks on the pregnant women and it contributes in the infection among the newly born babies all over the world. The experts also wanted to see that whether mothers prepare the natural weapon against these bacteria in their bodies or not.

They studied on the carbohydrates instead of proteins present in the mother milk and they found that carbohydrates find the bacteria in the mother milk and make them weak and after that kill them. It means they damage the germs in two ways. The experts watched in the laboratory that one kind of sugar, Oligo Sacrides present in mother milk kills the germs directly but it can break the upper crust of the bacteria and finishes it. Even that they watched the destruction of whole colony of the strap bacteria directly. Another research work is also done and it is proved that mother milk protects the children from flu and it may be the reason of these carbohydrates.

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