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By zeeshan

Eid ul Azha is famous for meat dishes like kebabs, barbecues and roasts. In almost every Muslim house around the globe, it is a show of mutton and beef.

Now barbecue preparation is underway in every part of country for which we are presenting few important tips that can make this Eid a very happy and delicious one for you.

1. Get the fuel ready in advance

It’s really important to stock enough fuel before so that you can prepare the dish according to your liking. The most important fuel for BBQ is wood that produces great taste. In its absence, the second best choice for fire is charcoal. Your fire should be big enough with any product. Later, you can light the second one to feed the first one.

2. Marinate before hand

The taste of the mea depends on the quantity of marinate. Advance planning is very important here as you can make your meat tasty and tender by marinating it a night before BBQ.

3. Use two sets of BBQ tongs

It’s always better to use two sets of BBQ. One can be used to turn the meat while changing position of hot coals can be done by using the second one. It will help prevent dust on your food and also from extra grease. Single temperature is not appropriate for BBQ while two tongs can be used to move wood or coal that will make one grill hotter than the other.

4. Grease your grill before you add food

It is helpful for early cooking of food and it also prevents the sticking of residue on grill which maintains the real flavor of BBQ for you. You can make the food taste extra by using garlic-marinated oil. Before skewering, put it over lemon slices to get a juicy and citrus flavor and also to keep the meat intact.

6. Spray the meat

You can increase the flavor of meat along with making it tender and moist by spraying apple juice over it. You should experiment it especially with Beef.

7. Remember ‘10 & 2’

You can beautifully mark on your pieces of meat by using this technique. Take your grill as a clock and make it in the direction of 10 o’ clock initially. After cooking half, change its direction according to 2 o; clock.

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