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By Safyan

Bad Smell From Your Mouth Early in the Morning

Bad Smell From Your Mouth Early in the Morning

Karachi, when we wake up early in the morning, a bad smell is felt from our mouth. Do you think about it that what is the reason of this bad smell from the mouth?

If you think over it, then you will find that the main reason of the bad smell from the mouth in the morning is that when we do not clean our teeth before going to bed at night. If you clean the teeth at night properly then you will not feel bad smell from your mouth in the morning. When we eat anything at night, then the digestive system of that thing is started at that time and there are many glands, which create the saliva in the mouth. Different types of the germs or bacteria are found in the saliva and it releases such material, which can soften the food to make it digestible when it is reached in the stomach.

If some pieces of food left in the mouth after taking the meal, then bacteria started their process on these left over food particles and the compounds having the sulfur are also produced and a particular and nauseating smell is created. When we take meal at night and we do not clean our mouth properly, then these left over particles do the chemical process with the food particles. When we get up in the morning, then bad smell comes from our mouth.

This issue has very easy solution that you should wash your mouth and clean the teeth well before going to bed and you should use tooth paste or tooth powder for this purpose. People, who have gap in their teeth, they use clean the food particles, which are gathered in the gap among the teeth with the help of tooth picks and they should pay special attention on the cleanliness of these parts while doing the brushing of their teeth.

This is the suggestion for those people, who are healthy and they are not suffered from any disease. If the people have the complaint of bad smell in their teeth due to any reason, they should contact with the doctor and use their suggested medicine.

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