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By zeeshan

Karachi, Every person thinks that his home is more safe and dearest place for him all over the world. But it is sad to say that their homes are also not the safe place and free from the pollutants and the compounds, which can cause cancer and other diseases.

These domestic items can be added with such compounds that can be dangerous and fatal and they can create various fatal diseases like cancer if they are used again and again. These products are comprised of Nitrobenzene, formaldehyde and Methylene Chloride, which are fatal and dangerous compounds. These items are added with such things, which are made up of plastic and rubber and artificial fragrances are also added in it. This post is written for this purpose that  people can read it and they can know about these domestic items, so that they can know them well and they can avoid their excessive use in their daily routine.

Odorous candles

The expensive and multi colored candles having different odors (especially candle burn in the room to give sweet smell in the room) are used with delicate wire of lead in its centers instead of the cotton thread to keep the candle burning for long time. The experts say that lead wire is used in 40% odorous candles. When these candles are burnt, they emit lead in the room and it is enough to create the cancer disease in the children.

The world organization of environmental protection, (EPA) has established its own standards about the lead present in the air. According to these EPA standards, the lead discharged from the candles is 5 times more dangerous than the protection limit set for the health of the children. The destruction of lead is not only limited to cancer but also enough quantity of lead in the body can affect hormones, retarded in learning new things, and different issues about the habits and attitude. If you want to take care of your life and lives of your children, you should avoid use of odorous candles and prefer the use of cotton thread candles.

Air Freshener

Most of the people start using the air freshener in their home so that they can remove the bad smell from their homes and make the environment of their home pleasant. Most of the air fresheners have the volatile organic compounds and they can cancer among the people. The recent research has revealed that there are 13 different air fresheners, which are mostly used in the homes and these air fresheners can cause cancer. These air fresheners can also leave bad impact on the reproductive system and create asthma problems in the people.

It is also revealed through the research work on the air fresheners that the most of the air fresheners have the compounds, which can have dangerous and poisonous compounds and they can cause cancer. The names of such compounds are also not written in the ingredient list on the carton of these air fresheners. This is the serious matter and we should avoid dangerous air freshener and people should use such perfumes, which are prepared from natural ingredients and they can be safe.

Decorative Material

There are various materials like rubber, gum, cement, permanent marker, acrylic paints and others, which are decorative things or art and these items can create allergy or damage different body parts and can cause cancer. These artificial things can damage the people especially the children because their natural immune system is not strong and it cannot face bad effects of these things.

Products repelling bad smell

Most of the people like to use such products called ‘Deodorants’ in their homes to remove stink from the body and also make their bodies fragrant. These items have bad reputation about health because these products are added with many compounds, which can create different kinds of cancers. They remain on the bodies for long time and the fatal compounds are mixed in these products and they penetrate in the body to produce the cancer disease.


Most of the people have been using shampoo for long time to wash their hair but it is strange that most of the shampoos have lethal compounds and the news are spreading about these compounds present in the shampoos. The scientific research work is being conducted and it is better to leave such items, which can have chemicals.

Shower Curtains

Most of the people use semi transparent shower curtains, which are made from plastic and they are drawn during bath. These curtains can have volatile organic compounds like air freshener. They transmit the volatile compounds in the bathrooms and in the surrounding atmosphere and they can cause cancer and other diseases.

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