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Preparation of Barefoot Sandals

Preparation of Barefoot Sandals


Barefoot sandal is the new and wonderful trend for the summer season and most of the young and modern girls are following it. This trend of barefoot sandals is on the peak and it is added with the different classy accessories. These barefoot sandals are made with the piece of embellishment, which looks like to wear the jewelry on the feet. If you paint your nails with funky nail polishes, then you will see them perfect for the summer lunches and for the beach parties.

The women and girls should visit the shops to get the barefoot sandals from different jewelry store and if they do not spend much amount on it or they find difficulty in visiting any jewelry store, then they should note some of the useful tips to make the barefoot sandals. The women should take the toe rings, embellished lace and the strings, which can be added around the ankles. They can create the laces with the pearls and beads according to the DIY tips and make the toes of the rings with the funky laces.

Before making the barefoot sandals of your own, the women should take the embellishment and add them to make the splendid pair of the barefoot sandals. In these barefoot sandals, the starry sequins are used in big size and the stones and gems are used to get the wonderful and beautiful look. You can create the shape of the pearls and beads with the laces in the designs, which you like most. The girls can also take the help of their own friends so that they can help them in designing the barefoot sandals of their own choice.

When you make the barefoot sandals, you can wear the toe ring in longest finger right next to the toe, then wear the ankle bracelet. If you complete all these steps then make the ankle bracelet, which can be added with the glue or the sticky thing. Then let it dry for some time so that you can wear the barefoot sandals without any hesitation. This is the easy way to make the readymade ankle bracelet with the barefoot sandals.

Preparation of Barefoot Sandals

Preparation of Barefoot Sandals


Then the girls should take the strappy elastic and make it fasten around the toe ring and tie there with small knot. This knot should not be big and it should not be seen from above. The girls should tie the knot with firmness and tidy. Then they should add the laces with the beads and stones to the ring of the toe ring. There should not be bend in the portion of the strap of the barefoot sandals. If there is bend on the sandal then it will damage the look of the barefoot sandals.

The women can decorate the strapped part of the barefoot sandals and ensure that the front part should be dry and glue should not be used to tie the knot. They should not use the glue or sticky things to sew and cohesive for the lacy part of the barefoot sandals. In this way, the women will walk on the beach quite easily and they will not feel to drop anywhere. The women should not walk on the hard surface with these barefoot sandals, as this unique design of barefoot sandals has no soles. The women and girls should try to make this barefoot sandal for the beach party to walk on the shore and enjoy the festivity of the summer season.

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