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By Husnain

Sanam Jung is the morning show host and actress and she appears in the morning show every day. She brightens up your day with her sweets talks and smiles and she shared good news with her viewers every morning. Sanam Jung with Imarn Abbas pictures. She can manage her work and household life without making any compromise on her work and household life. She continued her working and shed her weight and she has become professional.

Sanam Jung appeared in different drama serials and she also performed well with various male artists. She got married and she gave birth a baby boy. After the birth of her child, she gained weight and now she shed the weight and she is looking very cheerful and excellent. She has a picture with the young artist, Imran Abbas and both of them are looking stunning and amazing in the picture. Their picture has been appeared on the facebook web page. Now the viewers can watch the picture of the on-screen couple from Dil-e-Muztar.


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