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By Husnain

sajid hassan

sajid hassan

Sajid Hassan unfortunate hair transplant mishap, the leading and popular actor, Sajid Hassan has posted the video message on the social media and he shared his experienced with the viewers.

He said in this video that he decided to go for the hair transplant and one of his close acquaintances, who is also a doctor and he was pleading him for 9 years to undergo hair transplant. Then he decided to pass through this process to get the hair transplant done. But unfortunately, he faced the untoward situation there.

The doctor started the process without taking any initial test. He did not know that there are some of the tests, which they need to conduct before doing the surgery but the doctor did not mention any sort of the test. He trusted on his doctor but his trust took him to the unfortunate end. He fell sick and also suffered from the fever. The doctor assured him that nothing bad will be happened with him. But he did not get well and his condition was becoming worse and during this time, the doctor kept washing his head with saline water and he did not do any other treatment.

After feeling so much pain, Sajid disclosed the horrible case of his hair transplant mishap and he also showed the current position of his head and it is revealed that it is the work of an unprofessional doctor.

He has given the important message to all of us in this video and he also advised us that we should consult with the professional for such treatments. The well known actor is facing the consequences of the terrible hair transplant mishap and his family is also suffering. Before going through the hair transplant, we should do the research and talk with the doctor on this topic. We should also not do the blind trust on anyone.



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