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By Husnain

Pariya Parkash

Pariya Parkash

Mumbai, Priya Parkash is the social media star and her parents banned her to use the mobile phone. According to Indian media, the actress of the Malyalam film industry got the popularity overnight through a video and now she is facing another problem as her parents put ban on her to use the mobile phone at her home.

Father of Priya Parkash said that they have made the decision to keep his daughter, Priya Parkash safe. He gave such a mobile phone to his daughter, which does not have the SIM and now she is receiving all of her calls on the mobile phone of her mother and she is also using the internet on her mobile phone. Her father said further that when the video of his daughter went viral on the social media, his one of the colleagues sent this video to him and asked did he know who was that girl? Then he asked from his colleague did he know her and he replied that he also did not know her. When he asked her that this was his daughter, then he kept quiet.


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