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By Husnain

noor Bukhari

noor Bukhari

Karachi, The actress, Noor Bukhari has launched her first channel on the video sharing website, in which she will provide the information regarding religion of Islam and about the issues of the women.

Noor Bukhari said in a message telecast live in her channel on the video sharing website, YouTube that there is huge number of fake accounts in her name and her videos are uploaded on them with her name. Now she thought that she launches her own channel to have the consistent contact with her fans and she can talk with all of the people.

Noor said that people know a lot about her personal life and there is something, which people do not know? There are many ups and downs come in her life and she wants to share with other people. She wants to tell people how she turned to the religion and she came close to God. She said that she was trying hard to learn the religion, Islam and she will also share it on her new channel with the fans.


Other than the religion, the other issues of the women like beauty, fitness and the issues of the women will be discussed and she will share her experience, which she attained during her life. She will try to solve the issues of the women in the light of her experience during the life. She informs her fans about her new YouTube channel on the facebook and instagram account and she requested to her fans to like her new channel more and more.


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