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Lavish Wedding Bride & Groom


A millionaire businessman in Moscow has done his luxurious wedding and he spent a lot of money on the wedding ceremony. About 600 guests were invited in his marriage ceremony.


This wedding was taken place in Moscow and the 26 years old groom Haider Sheripov got married with the 22 years old bride, Ayna Dzabrailova. The wedding dress was prepared by the Lebanese fashion designer, which has the worth of about 350,000 ponds and it was prepared in Dubai with the white pearls. When the bride wears the Tiara and she reached in the wedding hall, the participants were surprised to see in such elegant wedding dress.



The wedding hall was decorated with thousands of the flowers and the gigantic glowing chandeliers, traditional dance group and the tasty food and the dowry of the bride became the center of attraction in this wedding ceremony. 32 suits cases were filled with the precious gifts and they were designed by the leading and popular fashion designers of the world like Louis Vuitton, Versace and Etro and they were delivered in the house of the groom. The bride brought the gifts for her in laws and the gifts packed in these suit cases have the value of 230,000 ponds.



Beautiful Decoration

The wedding ceremony was not feeling less than fancy land, in which the music and traditional dance was conducted. The jewelry, wedding dress, lighting, foods and the glamour of the guests was worth watching.



Beautiful Groom



Wedding Guests




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