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While you are discussing young, cool edgy, finger on the pulse, they do not come regularly ‘now’ than Irene Kim. For those ‘so 5 minutes ago’ she has got a blogger, street style star, model, taste maker and FROW favorite along with a cool half a million Instagram followers. Irene Kim had more pastel colors in her hair then a My Little Pony however she is going to gather them along with badass graphic eyeliner or a killer red lipstick.

Irene Kim

Irene Kim

That is not surprising that somebody’s pulled her on board however we perhaps did not expect it would be beauty giant Estee lauder. Mind you they were confidence enough to attach along with model of the moment Kendall Jenner so we may be wrong. Global Beauty Contributor is her official title however generally translated it means she will get to consult on latest projects and play out along with bit of makeup and skincare on offer (can you tell we are green along with envy? or should that be navy blue?) she as well going to be writing online content for them and of course, taking over their social media continuously.

While asked regarding her fave Estee Lauder product, Irene swears her loyalty to the iconic Advanced Night Repair, “My mom familiarized me to the popular Advanced Night Repair serum,” she unveils , “and I all the time use it.”

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