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By Husnain

fish Quality

fish Quality

Eating fish helps to improve the intelligence and sleep quality and the new research has proved this fact. The research has been conducted at University of Pennsylvania, and they proved the relationships of Omega 3 fatty acids and fish oils to better intelligence and sleep. They have linked the three factors for the first time. This research was published in Scientific Reports. It is also suggested that better sleep is linked to improve intelligence and fish consumption.


To test the theory, the researchers chose the group of Chinese children age range from nine to eleven years for the study and these children were asked to complete the survey as how much fish they ate during the previous month. They recorded the answer in ranges from ‘never’ to ‘once a week’.

The children took the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, which is the Chinese Intelligence test. It can evaluate the verbal and non verbal performance like coding and vocabulary. The parents filled out the surveys to know how their children slept. The Standardized Children Sleep Habits Questionnaire and it carried out the detailed evaluation of sleep frequency, day time drowsiness, duration and night walking. The parents entered the additional information like education, number of children, occupation and marital status.


The analysis has been done for all three surveys, which is pointed to one thing and people should eat more fish. Children said they ate fish ‘once a week’ scored 4 points higher on intelligence scale than the children, who did not eat fish. The next best children were those, who ate fish sometimes at the 3.3 points.

The children, who eat fish once a week, they had fewer sleep problems and they performed well overall. One researcher has explained that anti-social behavior has the indicator of weak intelligence. It is stated that lack of sleep has the connection with anti social behavior and poor cognition has the link with anti-social behavior. The omega 3 supplements reduce the anti social behavior and it is not surprising that fish is behind this social behavior. It is said that eating fish is good for the children and the young people and they need to eat fish ‘once a week’.

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