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By Safyan

Curious Festivals of the World

Curious Festivals of the World

The most curious festivals are being celebrated in the world. These festivals and fair give the entertainment to the viewers and they also get the interest in these festivals. They also show the history of the place, where it is being celebrated.

Ugly Trophy

This festival is being celebrated in England in Kimberia and this competition is celebrated on 15th September every year and most of the time the people, who do not have teeth, they win this competition.


Plunging over children

The Spanish people are very superstitious and they celebrate the festival, which is called ‘El Kolako’ and in this competition, the babies less than 12 months are laid down on the soft mattresses on the found. A person, who wears yellow and black dress to show the devil and jumps over the babies. The aim of this festival is that the children are protected against the evil spirits and they do not lead the better life. This festival has been celebrating since 1620 in the Spanish province, Bargos and there is no detail of start of this festival.


Slide Down Hill After Cheese

A cheese box is dropped from the top of the hill in Glokester, UK during the spring season and hundreds of the people crawl after the cheese box to grab it. This competition is called ‘Kooper Hill Cheese Rolling End Week’. Large number of people attends this festival and they start dragging after the cheese roll. First 5 pound cheese box was used and now the round piece of foam is used in it and the person, who grabs it first, he is awarded with the prize. The people, who attend this competition, they lose their balance and they fall down and get injured.


Camel fighting

This competition is very interesting and it is held in Turkey.  In this competition, two camels fight against each other. When one camel gets tired and falls down or runs away from the ground, the other is declared winner.


Run Holding Wife on Back

This competition is celebrated in many European countries like Finland, Australia, Austria, Estonia and other countries. The competitors hold their wives on their shoulders and they have to run in the 253 meters long ground. In some countries, the winners are awarded with the cash prizes and in Finland, the winner gets wines equal to the weight of his wife. There are two ways, one is dry and the other is filled with water and minimum 17 years old can compete in this festival.


Carrot Night

The carrot night festival is being celebrated in Mexico on 213 December every year. The farmers and the vegetable sellers of Oksaka, Mexico give the beautiful and wonderful shape to their carrots and this festival is being celebrated from 1897. The most wonderful creator is awarded with the prize. Some experts make the forms of homes and villages through their carrots.


Toe fighting

The egg fighting festival is being celebrated in Quetta, Pakistan on the eid festival. The wonderful festival of toe fighting is being conducted on 25 August every year in UK and this fighting competition is called ‘Todame’. The participants have to pay the fee of 200 PKR and two persons sit against each other in this competition and they push the toes. If the toe of one competitor is hit against the frame or goes out, then he loses the fight. The amount is donated to the welfare departments.


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