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By anas

The Bollywood leading actress and model, Kareena Kapoor appeared on the ramp during the fashion show of Manish Malhotra. She was the showstopper for Manish Nairobi collection and she stole the limelight at the fashion show. She was looking like a princess during the fashion show, when she walked on the ramp.

Manish Malhotra shared many pictures and video of Kareena, when she performed in the fashion show and she used the wonderful words with every picture or video taking from the show. Manish showed her deep friendship with her by the words, ’17 years of working together and 29 years of knowing each other’. You can take a look at the magic on mirror ramp sowing by Kareena and Manish thanked for the stunning photos and clips.

Kareena Kapoor is married to Saif Ali Khan, who is also wonderful and leading actor of Bollywood film industry and this couple became the parents to their beloved son, Taimur Ali Khan, who was born in December last year and this is the first child of the couple.


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