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By zeeshan

It is tough to host any show in the live programs. The hosts should have lot of confidence and trust over their talent. They put lot of effort and product good result and informative content for the audience. These Pakistani hosts are great comedian, actor and supermodel will instantly show the great morning show host.

There is a list of the worst Pakistani morning show hosts and it is hoped that most of the people will agree with the opinion.

Nida Yasir

She is considered the worst morning show host and her contents were weak and have no meanings. Nida Yasir is good actress but she did not prove to be good host. She mixed the topics in her morning show. Her actions are not according to the scene and she did not elaborate it correctly. She cried on the emotional topics and she also hosted the funny shows but next day the theme of the drama is totally changed. Her morning shows are not proved good and informative.

Javeria Saud

Javeria Saud is good looking host and she has shown her some talent but she does not focus on her content. She should mix the smile with her content and she should show some simplicity while hosting the morning show. She laughs during her show most of the time and we do not get the information or entertainment in her show.

Sahir Lodhi

Sahir Lodhi is the host of the morning show but he does the overacting in his show. Sometimes, he starts dancing and singing during his show, which is not suitable in his show and he should leave it to the professional singers.

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