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There are many Pakistani actresses, who are performing in different dramas and films and they are getting fame and popularity among their fans. These actresses have also started performing outside the country. Bollywood film industry is offering the chances to Pakistani actresses to perform in their movies. These Pakistani actresses have matchless and unique qualities and skills and they also have the hot looks on the screens. The drama serials of different channels of Pakistan are getting popular among different countries like Middle East, Europe, India and many other countries. There are top 10 hottest Pakistani actresses, who have shown their performance in fantastic way.

Top 10 Hottest Pakistani Actresses

Mahnoor Baloch

Mahnoor Baloch Hot Picture

Mahnoor is very talented and superb actress of Pakistani drama and she has also shown her capabilities in different fields of life. She is an actor, model and film director. She is the trusted name in drama industry as she has performed in most of the dramas and gained so much popularity through her acting. She started performing in showbiz, when she was only 20 years old.


Mona Lisa (Sara Loren)

Mona Liza (Sara Loren) Sexy Photo

Mona Lisa is popular actress, who has performed in various dramas and films in Pakistan. She is looking beautiful and stunning and she has number of fans in and outside Pakistan. She has the great and hot look in the industry and looks best to many artists.


Saba Qamar

Beautiful Saba Qamar Pic

Saba Qamar is talented and popular actress,who has great skills of acting and her fans appreciate her for her acting in dramas. She has also performed as model and presenter and proved her talent and skills & got the encouragement even from her seniors on her performance. She has also performed items in Pakistani movies.


Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish Hayat Hot Sexy Photo

Mehwish Hayat has proved her abilities through her performance in the dramas. She started her journey in showbiz as model and also performed as actor and singer. She was also considered the sexiest women of the world and she came to number 8 in the sexiest women of the world.


Humaima Malik

Humaima Malik Hot Picture

Humaima Malik started her journey in showbiz as model and she started working as actress in Pakistan film industry. She got so much popularity that she worked in various Bollywood movies. Because of her stunning performance in the movies, she won various awards like Lux Style Awards, Asia Film Festival Awards and many more. She performed in Bollywood movie like Raja Natwarlal and she performed against Emraan Hashmi in that movie. She is considered the most beautiful and sexiest actress of the industry.


Maya Ali

Cute Maya Ali Picture

Maya Ali is talented and good looking film actress, who has gained fame and popularity in Pakistan showbiz industry. She has good features and she attracts the attention of other people because of her beauty and wonderful performance in dramas and movies.


Sana Javed

Pakistani Actresses Sana Javed Photos

Sana Javed is new addition in showbiz of Pakistan and she started working in different dramas. She has great talent and she made successful her dramas through her stunning performance in dramas. She has great acting skills and she got great success in dramas and proved herself that she is wonderful actress of Pakistan drama industry.


Iman Ali

Hot Iman Ali Sexy Picture

Iman Ali has well groomed and fantastic personality and she made place in showbiz through her unique and wonderful talent. She has performed in various dramas and films and she gained so much popularity due to her wonderful performance. Her fans like her acting and she is now popular because of her performance.


Nimra Khan

Nimra Khan Pakistani Actresses Pic

Nimra Khan is another new and confident name in Pakistani drama. She has performed well in various dramas and got the fame. She attracted her fans due to her stunning performance and she made well her career.


Ayesha Omer

Hot Ayesha Omer from Bulbulay

Ayesha Omer has shown her talent through her performance in various drama serials. She has performed the comedy in the drama serial, Bulbulay. She looks stunning, beautiful and hot on the camera.


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