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Today Syra and Shehroz latest photos have been brought by with their daughters. This stunning couple have a very cure and beautiful daughter. Therefore let’s see Syra Yousuf and Shehroz latest pictures with daughter Nooreh. Ladies and gentlemen please hold your breath and take a look at the stunning photos of Nooreh:

I think that people are not letting Nooreh sleep. Nooreh is very disturbed by the people around her. I think she is very tired of hugs and kisses by the people. She don’t like camera following her all the time! Parooo Baby.

Beautiful Nooreh is in the lap of Momal Sheikh (Javed Sheikh’s daughter) Nooreh spears to be in a good mood and she looks happy to take selfies. She is giving a cute smile! Take at the Nooreh eyes, she has very innocent eyes.

Nooreh is sleeping. Ssshhh be quiet. I think this of Nooreh and Syra has been taken by Shehroz. Nooreh is having dreams. Syra is as well feeling pleasant because a cute angel is sleeping on her.







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