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By zeeshan

Mumbai, Bollywood King Khan Shah Rukh Khan married with Gori 26 years before and it is learnt that they have been married for three times. They loved each other since their childhood but they faced the limitations of the religion. They decided to get marry in the court so that they can avoid any complications from their families. They married in the court on 26 August 1991 and after that he also married with her two more times.

Shah Rukh Khan married with Gori in the court so that their families could not take action against them and they avoid any complications at later stage. On the second time, he embraced her Islam and gave her the Islamic name, Ayesha and he did wedlock with her in the Islamic way. After that he married with her according to the Hindu rituals on 25 October 1991 and the close members of their families attended the marriage ceremony. But he celebrates the wedding day on 26 October. They have three children in which two are sons and one is daughter.



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