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By zeeshan

Actress and model Sajjal Ali said that there is a big difference between acting in film and TV. Both departments have different attitude but an actor can learn maximum by working in both these mediums.

The actress said that she received offers to perform in films after acting individually in dramas but she never thought herself appropriate for films because lively acting and glamour are necessary in films. Apart from that, dancing on film songs is also considered necessary in films due to which she always rejected the offer of films but now the situation has changed.

Sajal Ali

Sajal Ali


Now the quality of films has improved as educated youngsters are in filmmaking. Along with that, people related with technical department are also educated. Due to this reason, the quality of films is improving and it will further improve with time. In Bollywood, filmmaking is given much importance. There, a producer not only finances a film but also performs his duty till the release of film but here a producer is considered only to be a financer which is not right.

Only a professional producer can perform this difficult task. On replying a question, Sajjal said that she wants to work on large screen and will also be seen in a different style in future which will be a surprise for her fans.

Sajal Ali

Sajal Ali


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