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By zeeshan

Here, we will tell you about the efforts of event planner and former model Frieha Altaf to convert a couple to Islam. It was a non-Muslim couple which converted due to due own interest and Frieha’s efforts.

Frieha is a famous name of fashion industry while the model visited famous tattoo artist Daemon Rowanchild’s salon ‘Urban Primitive’ to construct a tattoo on her own body. Frieha told that her mother advised her to avoid from tattoo as prayer is not accepted in presence of tattoo and it is haram.

But despite opposition from her mother, Frieha constructed a tattoo on her body after visiting the salon of tattoo artist Daemon. During her visit, she adopted good relations with Daemon and his wife she later visited them again for another tattoo.

Daemon once told Farieha about his finding of a beautiful calligraphy. When Frieha asked him to show then she found that the calligraphy was in fact the 99 names of Allah. After this, Frieha gifted a book to artist Daemon in which the meanings of 99 names of Allah were mentioned.

The couple showed their interest in Islam after knowing the meaning of Allah’s name after which Frieha gave them the translation of the Holy Quran. Just after few months, Daemon told Frieha that and her wife have accepted Islam after getting impressed from the teachings of Holy Quran.

Said told that she said to her mother that this happened when she visited there for tattoo. Though, tattoo is considered haram by people but the incident shows the beauty of our religion which guided the tattoo artist and his wife to convert.

Frieha Altaf

Frieha Altaf


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