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By zeeshan

Lahore, Leading and popular singer, Rahat Fateh Ali will appear on the most popular and biggest search engine of the world, Google and he will talk with his fans. He will become first ever Pakistani singer, who will talk with his fans on Google.

Google has issued the complete schedule and Rahat Fateh Ali will talk with their fans. His business director talked with media and said that it is great honor for Rahat Fateh Ali and for the whole music industry of the country that their singer is going to talk with the fans through this platform, Google. Rahat Fateh Ali performed in about all countries of the world and he created soft image of Pakistan across the world.

There are many other singers and artists, who have performed in the music industry and they earned good name but Rahat Fateh Ali is appreciated for his performance in the music.

Rahat Fateh Ali

`Rahat Fateh Ali


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