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By zeeshan

Prince Harry of UK has been dating with the leading actress, Meghan Markle and this actress has done the leading role of Rachel Zane in the movie, Suits. It is reported by media that the prince is happier than he has been happy for many years and now he is in very relaxed period of time during his life, as Meghan came in his life at the right time.

When it was contacted with the palace to give their comments on this matter, the palace denied giving any response on their private matter. Meghan and prince were met with each other since May this year and they want to have legal relationship. She met with the prince, when he was in Toronto in May this year for the promotion of Invictus games for the disabled servicemen.

Meghan has already visited UK many times to have meetings with the friends of prince and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

It is also reported that Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton met with her and they liked her. They met with each other every week and they enjoyed the company of each other and it is truly said that they love seeing each other and there is wonderful chemistry between them. Harry did not want to have the relationships quiet and he did not want to scare her. He knew that public will know their private life and he did not want to keep it a secret for long time. Prince and star of movie, Suits shared their passion for doing the humanitarian work with Meghan as Meghan was working for different international organizations like United Nations and World Vision Canada.



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