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By zeeshan

An Urdu drama, Udaari is telecast on HUM TV and Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority has issued the show cause notice to the television channel for showing some immoral scenes in the drama serial Udaari.

PEMRA has issued the notice to the producer and director of the drama after being telecast the drama on May 08. PEMRA has served the notice to the Urdu drama channel to the makers for showing some immoral scenes during the drama. According to sources, in the drama, Ahsan Khan is playing the role of uncle and he is getting intimate with his niece and in the same episode, he showed his wrong intentions about his stepdaughter. PEMRA is of the view that these scenes are not good to watch while sitting with the family and it can give rise the evil moments in the society. They also said that they received various complaints against the drama for showing some immoral scenes in the drama on their helpline number and also on the twitter account.

There are many viewers of the drama serial and various leading Pakistani celebrities, who showed their responses against the notice of PEMRA and they said that such characters are creating awareness among the people and they need to educate the people on such issues. They further added that this is the best drama and it is showing he evil thought and people need to look beyond the traditional fighting of saas and bahu.

According to views of some people, there are no corrupt scenes in the drama, Udaari and the people can understand what is going in this drama and it is easy way to teach other, what is the ill thinking of any person can do some illegal work. There are different issues in our society, win which kids are manhandled by other people to whom their parents trust. It is better for the people to know this threat and they need to understand how to stop this wrong thinking from the society.

But these people forget while arguing with this deed that most of the crimes are started with this scene. People can have some ideas and they create new ways to accomplish their ill doing, then who will be responsible for their deeds.

Drama Udaari

Drama Udaari


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