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Neelum Muneer is a well known Pakistani actress and model. She has got popularity in Pakistan’s media industry via her acting, modeling and attractive looks. Her style and looks are all the time incredible. Actually she has never failed to win hearts of people. She has done everything with any fault. Lately, Ikram Akhtar the Indian Film director has approached Neelum Muneer. He has granted a leading role to Neelum Muneer in his movie “India Mein Lahore”. As well he has sent script for reading and going through her role in the movie. However Patriotic Neelum Muneer mentioned “No” to Bollywood. She refused his offer. She mentioned that her first priority is Pakistan’s media industry. Actually she was asked for three months shooting schedule.

Why Neelum Muneer said “NO” to Bollywood?

She mentioned that for acting a passion that is not just profession. This is the matter that she selects project of her own taste. Moreover she mentioned, “Indian Film Industry is the biggest film industry and each actor has got ambition to approach over there. We hope good wishes and prayers for the Pakistani actors who are now reached in Indian Film Industry.” As well she mentioned, “I am lucky that people desire to see me in movies; however I do not prefer to involve into making and decision, which I may feel sorry afterward.”

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