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All the time the Pakistani celebrities are properly dressed and all of them appear stylish in their styles they choose. This is very uncommon that celebrities appear unattractive or have sported unusual looks. In the following we will show up Unusual looks of popular local celebrities which displays how much they have change in their looks. Therefore take a look at images of local celebrities in unusual looks. Check out them in below.

See Unsual looks of famous Pakistani Celebrities:-

Armeena Rana Khan: Armeena is all the time amazed us by sporting stunning makeup however this makeup does not make an ideal look for her.

Urwa Hocane: Urwa Hocane is actually a young fashionista. However in this look she’s not appearing good.

Ainy Jaffri: Ainy Jaffri emerged in Garnier add displaying her white beauty. However check out she is having an unusual and ugly look.

Amna Ilyas: This celebrity has ideal looks in spite of her darks complexion. However her makeup is not suiting her look.

Saba Qamar: Saba Qamar has all the time bold appearance. See her in this desi look.

Mathira: The hottest Mathira is appearing Ewwww without makeup.

Mehwish Hayat Khan: Mehwish has all the time blameless looks. However she is looking sexy in this look.

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