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By zeeshan

Since the independence of Pakistan and India, relations between the two countries remained tense almost always. Every time, something happens and the two countries come against each other. On this occasion, India accused Pakistan for spreading terrorism in India and the two countries come closer to war again. Later, the things normalize a bit but India decided to throw away Pakistani actors working in Bollywood.

Pakistan banned Indian Content

War is not over-India banned Pakistani Actors and Pakistan banned Indian content

After the banning of Pakistani actors in India, Pakistan retaliated by banning Indian content in Pakistan. Pakistani TV channels have been issued notice not to show any Indian program. Now Pakistani cinemas can’t show Indian movies and FM radios can’t play Indian songs. These things will surely harm Indian economy.

PEMRA Banned Indian Content

Now Mahra Khan has been excluded from Shahrukh’s film “Raees” and Karan Johar has decided not to work with any Pakistani actor in future. This will harm Pakistani actors want to work in India but it will prove helpful for Pakistan as now these actors will try to find work in Pakistan instead of looking  towards India.

Pakistan banned Indian Content

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