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The government of Pakistan has realized the issue for signing the fashion models and celebrities of India for the commercials of the products which are produced in the country. They have formed a parliamentary panel who imposes ban on the commercials with Indian celebrities. The Minister for information, Mr. Qaram Zaman Kaira said while attending the meeting with Pak Parliamentary panel.

There is a growing trend of signing the Indian models and actresses for the commercial of Pakistani products which have wrong impact on the fashion industry of Pakistan. The standing committee for Information and Broadcasting of the National Assembly has imposed ban for the telecasting of commercials on the Pakistani products which gave negative impact on the fashion industry of Pakistan and the advertising agencies do not like to cast Pakistani models for the advertisements of our own products. The panel has also viewed seriously for the female anchors who appear in different programs and instruct them to wear dopatta or scarves during their appearance on the television channels.

Most of the Pakistani advertising agencies cast the Indian celebrities in the commercials of Pakistani products including Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor, Shilpa Shethy and Kajol in various commercials of our products on different television channels. The Indian models and actresses perform the role which are concerned with the ethics and our models and actresses cannot perform so these advertising agencies book Indian models and actresses.

Indian Celebrities Should be Banned

Indian Celebrities Should be Banned

Qamar Zaman Kaira has also said that their government asked the Indian government through different forums to give allowance the screening of Indian channels and films but they did not care for it and did not give us access and they do not allow us the screening of different programs. Due to the cooperative behaviour of Pakistan, the relations between the two government and countries improved. We are facing the problems of terrorism and militancy and the foreign intrusion for which our government is fighting with it with unity. He further added that the issue relating to this matter was in court and it would be better to let the courts to decide the issue. We should also promote our cultures and traditions and the customs of the people living in this country rather than promoting the culture and arts of other countries and forget our local rituals.

Chief Justice of Pakuistan, while hearing a case, has said that the commercial of Indian celebrity Katrina Kaif for the hair removing products is very malicious and it cannot be watched while sitting with the families so he ordered to stop the commercial at once.

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