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UDAAN last year made a significant impact on the filmmakers, so much so that the honor, praise and accolades keep pouring in to this day. Besides winning great reviews and collect awards, the film struck a chord with everyone watching. The harrowing and disturbing relationship between a father and son seemed right out of life. Now YEH FAASLEY explores the relationship between a father and daughter.

However, comparing UDAAN and Yeh FAASLEY would be blasphemous, especially since UDAAN the tense moments between father and son caught with aplomb, in print and on celluloid. On the other hand, yeh FAASLEY has an interesting premise, but the authors [Yogesh Mittal, Atul Tiwari and Rajendra P. Makhijani] make a complete mess of it and what eventually unfolds on celluloid is cut from a brilliant idea.


Yeh Faasley

Yeh Faasley


Ideally, one would have expected to YEH FAASLEY an emotional journey, in which the child discovers a shocking truth: her mother was murdered by her father. Again, the only daughter fights for justice have added a new dimension to the film. But writing goes horribly wrong after an interesting start and what happens on screen is cliched, stereotypical and ridiculous. Besides, the film gets lengthy and tedious, especially in the second hour.

Arunima [Tena Desae], the daughter of one of the largest builders in the city, has returned home after completing her studies. She is glad that they now have to live with her father Devinder Dua [Anupam Kher] for good. Arunima lost her mother to a car accident when she was only two. Arunima just wants her mother was alive, but she is content somewhere that her father and mother had a happy love story while it lasted.

Rushad Rana and Tena Desae from Yeh Faasley

Rushad Rana and Tena Desae from Yeh Faasley

To her surprise, Arunima is a testament written by her mother. Why would a woman who died in a car accident and that too at a young age of 28, leaves a testament to Arunima? The presence and the essence of the will to do a few questions in mind Arunima’s. But the father is not very comfortable answering questions related to the past.

Arunima further opportunities to a few things from the past and it is a revelation to her that her mother’s personality was very different from what her father had told. She also meets an old friend of her mother, Diggy [Pawan Malhotra], and a few people in the past, telling stories that point in the direction that her mother was so happy while it lasted.

With the image of the past is different from what her father telling her, Arunima still in doubt about what really is the past, especially when the father is not a conclusive answer. Gradually, Arunima begin to learn about the many shades of her father that she has never seen. Arunima is torn between love for her father and the truth.

Anupam Kher and Tena Desae From Yeh Faasley

Anupam Kher and Tena Desae From Yeh Faasley

As I said in the beginning, it is the written material that director Yogesh Mittal in the lurch. There are gaping holes in the scenario that can not be ignored. Even some of the characters in the film [Seema Biswas, Rajendra Gupta, Suhasini Mulay even] are fully utilized, and one wonders why they were included in the story in the first place? The post-interval portions seem never ending, the courtroom drama in this half lacks punch and the conclusion of the story is old and beaten to death.

Despite the awkward writing, I should add that director Yogesh Mittal has a number of sequences capable treated. But what they wanted to write would have complimented his abilities. The cinematography is incosistent [DoP: Amitabha Singh]. A few scenes seem blurry and a few, grainy. It would have done the film without songs.

Anupam Kher may have attempted the role of a father several times in the past, but the portrayal of a father in this one differs from his best work. Tena handles her part with complete understanding and trust corresponds to a veteran like Anupam at every step. Pawan Malhotra does not really have the opportunity for the presentation of his skills. Rushad Rana is doing reasonably well.

Cute Tena Desae from Yeh Faasley Movie 2011

Cute Tena Desae from Yeh Faasley Movie 2011

Mazhar Sayed [the young Anupam Kher] shows an impact. Rachita [the mother] with you, despite the limited images. Suhasini Mulay, Rajendra Gupta, Seema Biswas and Natasha Sinha wasted. Kiran Kumar is okay. Jagat Rawat [caretaker of the bungalow] is efficient. Sudha Chandran is almost nonexistent. Satyajit Sharma [the lawyer] has jurisdiction.

Overall, yeh FAASLEY fails to deliver.

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