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By zeeshan

Karachi, Pakistani latest and new movie, ‘Chalay Thay Sath Sath’ will be released in the country on 21 April. The trailer of the movie has been released now. On the release of the trailer of the movie, the ceremony was conducted in which various showbiz personalities like Syed Noor, Javed Sheikh, Momal Sheikh, Zalay Sarhadi, Syra Shehroze, Minsha Pasha and other showbiz related personalities. The producer of the movie, Shiraz Mubashar said that the release of the movie will be done not only in Pakistan but also all over the world. The story of the movie is romantic and it moves around Dr Resham, who is on the tour of Gilgit Baltistan with her friend.

Shiraz Mubashir also said that the relationships of Pak China are shown to the limited extent and the people will get a chance to learn the special connection of the two countries and they will also learn about it. In the cast of the movie, Syra Shehroze, Kent S Living, Behroze Sabzwari, Mansha Pasha, Zalay Sarhadi, Shamim Hilali, Osama Tahir, Faris Khalid and Sherbaz Kaleem are included.

On the other side, the producer of the movie, Beenish Umar said that the movie, ‘Chalay Thay Sath Sath’ is the story of every one and it is hoped that people will like this movie just like they liked trailer of the movie and this movie will get the attention of the viewers.

The director of the movie, Umar Adil said that internationally reputed actor, Kent S Living, Saira Shehroze and Mansha Pasha shows their performance in this movie and this is not a movie but it will become a source to restore the film industry in Pakistan.


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