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It seems that the dark days on the film industry of Pakistan are going to disappear. Now some new writers with new cast are going to come into the film industry with new themes and with new cast. Previously the famous movies like Bol and Khuda kay Liya were appeared in the film industry of Pakistan and they got success on the cinema due to their changed theme and script. The people declared these movies are families and you can enjoy with these movies with the family. Now another new and latest movie, Siyyah is appearing on the cinemas, which is considered to be the horror movie.

Pakistani Horror Film Siyaah

Pakistani Horror Film Siyaah

The group of young boys and girls has decided to make this horror movie. Azfar Jafri is the director of this movie and the scriptwriter is Osman Khalid. Osman Khalid has already performed in the movie, Salikstan and played the lead role in that movie. The producer of the movie, Imran Raza Kazmi has cast in the movie the young artists like Qazi Jabbar, Aslam Rana, Hareem Farooq, Mahnoor Usman and Amy Saleh. Ahmed Ali is the music director of the movie.

The movie will be released in the cinemas in the mid of March which has already been delayed about 6 months. The script of the movie is written about the curse of the black magic, which is becoming common in our society. The people involved in this curse habit go through dangerous and harmful acts and they damage to other people by their false and illegal acts. The script is strong and people with watch this movie with great delight. The cast of the movie expect that they want to bring change in the society for which they are introducing the illegal sides of this act and give awareness to the people to protect them from these sins. With the change in mind, the society will also get change and it is the purpose of this movie.

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