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We insist that we need films that cater to not only to adults but also children. We make movies to keep this segment of the movie going audience in mind. We even have children in stellar cast and crucial components. But we misfire most of the time. So what are the golden rules that a perfect, compelling kiddie movie?


Satrangee Parachute

Satrangee Parachute


* One, the author should choose a theme that would portray children as children, not as super-heroes fighting a battalion of bad guys.

* Two, the child protagonist look like a hero / winner at the end. We want our protagonist to succeed, we do not?

* Three, a good kiddie movie should not only entertain, but also illuminates the young minds. Also, the plot simple, no-nonsense and straightforward.

* Finally, the matter will be handled / performed with skill, with the utmost sensitivity and a certain maturity.

Unfortunately, SATRANGEE PARACHUTE makes no impact. It is childish and amateurish!

Pappu [Siddhartha Sanghani] fled his home in Nainital with four other friends, so their parents angry and worried. Pappu plans to buy a parachute for one of their friends Kuhu [Rajvi Suchak], which explains why the children decide to flee their homes. The children face obstacles in Mumbai if they are wrong to four accomplices of the terrorists, who also arrived in town with nefarious plans.

PARACHUTE SATRANGEE misses an interesting concept and a convincing scenario [Pulakesh Bhowmik] to hold your attention. The boy [Pappu] fled Nainital and if he arrives in Mumbai back and forth between Andheri and Bandra. That’s not all, the whole drama in the second hour [the terrorist angle] is so childish that one wonders how it was okayed by the director in the first place. Vineet Khetrapal the direction is sloppy. Even the music does not help. The only aspect that caught my eye was Soumik Haldar’s cinematography, which captures scenic beauty of Nainital well.

The film has a number of talented names dominate the cast, but the show really belongs to the children. Sanghani especially Siddhartha, who gives a lot of confidence, while his character issue. Rajvi Suchak the purity that this role demands. Zakir Hussain and Rupali Ganguli, as Pappu’s parents, are adequate. Kay Kay Menon plays a limited scope. Liliput played no role. Rajpal Yadav is wasted. Sanjay Mishra deserved a better deal. As for Jackie Shroff, what is he doing in this movie? The other kids are good.

Overall, SATRANGEE parachute is a bad show at all.

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