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Now the film industry of Pakistan is going to take another turn by the introduction of science fiction film. This will be first ever science fiction film “Nation Awakes” and it was produced by Aamir Sajjad.

Pakistan Sci-Fi Film Nation Awakes

Pakistan Sci-Fi Film Nation Awakes

“Nation Awakes” is the first ever with superhero Pakistani film and it will be cost up to 200 to 250 million rupees. The producer, Aamir Sajjad is working with Ventures of Concept Group and it is also associated with UK, Australia and Hollywood studios. Like Aamir, various other young producers will step into this film industry and they will also try their luck by the introduction of new and latest movies with unique theme. Aamir Sajjad is working as lead hero and he said that the movie is being produced aiming on the theme of normal superhero. He said that they are going to adopt the new direction to introduce the movies on different and changed topic, which can suffice the changing trend of the age. He would be considered the superhero with the back scenario who works with the aim to preserve the humanity at world level.

The story of the movie is started when the superhero of the movie was living with his foster parents but we will not discuss his whereabouts as from where he comes or from where his parents were belonged. This movie will be quite different for the Pakistani audience as they do not have the comic movie culture in the country so we will make the movie by comparing it with graphic novel.

The script writing of the movie “Nation Awakes” is started and the casting will be started during April 2013. Sahir Ali Baba is the music director of the movie, Sabir Zafar and Riaz ur Rehman Saghir is the poet of the movie who are writing the songs of the movie and these songs will be sung by Sara Raza Khan.

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