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Now here is another film that places his story Rajpal Yadav’s shoulders. This time has Rajpal Johnny Lever for the company. MASTI EXPRESS, helmed by first time director Vikram Pradhan, has two stories running simultaneously: Rajpal and his ardent desire wife Divya Dutta’s to have their children educated in a respectable institution and the auto rickshaw race that the crux of the story.

Quite an interesting idea, I must add, but good ideas do not necessarily translate into compelling cinematic experience. The problem is, MASTI EXPRESS jobs in parts, not in its entirety. In places, the film is engaging, but there are times when it comes across as a yawn-inducing attempt. The scenario writing is clearly the culprit here!


Masti Express

Masti Express


MASTI EXPRESS tells the story of a father [Rajpal Yadav], who tries desperately to his only child admitted to a prestigious school and to provide him with education. His son is just a brat in a slum with an uninspiring future. The son was initially refused admission, but later, when the father is facing a lot of obstacles and win an auto rickshaw race with the help of the school, the principal [Manoj Joshi] opens the doors of his school to child.

The director tries to catch just about everything to make the film palatable to the junta janardhan. He decides to commercial dictates Pander by injecting tracks reviews stars [filmed on Shankar Mahadevan and Kashmira Shah, respectively] and also instill in the comedy story. Unfortunately, one does not laugh at the jokes [which crass anyways], the songs act as speed breakers, while the kiddie portions are half baked. Ideally, the manager have avoided the unwanted add-ons [including the characters who suddenly arrive from other countries to participate in the race] and the editor would have cut of the film judiciously for a better effect.

On the bright side, Pradhan has handled a number of sequences professionally. Note the order to Rajpal cooks an excuse as soon Divya Dutta asked whether their child is granted admission in the school or not. Prior to the sequence with the head teacher Rajpal [Manoj Joshi] is also out. Note the sequence when Divya tries to pacify a heart-broken after Rajpal auto rickshaw accident. Besides, the final, when the auto rickshaw Rajpal actually pull the winning post, you’re moving. The auto-rickshaw race is interesting in parts, while attempting to inject humor falls flat during the race.

As I mentioned earlier, the songs do not help in carrying the film forward, except for one number as the auto-rickshaw is being repaired. However, the background score is effective, particularly to the final. Cinematography is inconsistent.

Given that the story of MASTI EXPRESS on his shoulders, Rajpal expected an overwhelming performance, but he does not. He is decent at best and there are times when you feel it big time Hamming. Johny Lever is loud, but that’s how his character is observed. Divya Dutta is distinguished by a remarkable achievement. Vijay Patkar is perfect, Razzaq Khan gets to deliver some funny lines, while Rajkumar Kanojia passable. Manoj Joshi is strictly okay. Ryan Pinto has the screen presence and has the attributes of a fine actor if he gets the right parts to portray.

On the whole, MASTI EXPRESS not meeting expectations. In addition, the film came with zilch hype and the effort that will go ignored.

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