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There was a time when Vikram Bhatt’s name became synonymous with good, pleasant and music chart buster. This was a decade ago when soundtracks of films like Ghulam, Raaz and Kasoor was a wave in rapid succession and looked forward to a good music combines with regard to telling stories. If Vikram films fell over a period of time, so is the music with Awara Paagal Deewana than one. However, the famous Bhatt touch was missing. There was a recovery of the species in the music of films such as 1920 and Shaapit but frankly the old world charm was missing. No wonder, though one is eager to check what do Chirantan Bhatt composer and lyricist Junaid Wasi have to offer here, there’s a lot of fear that sets in as well.


Haunted - 3D

Haunted - 3D



However, all fear disappears with ‘Tum Ho Mera Pyar’ which allow them the kind of sparkle that one associates with a number Emraan Hashmi. Guest lyricist Shakeel Azmi spins words which are in line with what one is accustomed to hear in films from the Bhatt’s house – or Vikram, Mahesh and Mukesh – and a sense of familiarity sets in. A romantic song that is sung in principle by KK Suzanne chipping in the background too, ‘Tum Ho Mera Pyar’ has a simple melody that kind of route that will never fail. A typical Bollywood song, it gives a good start to Haunted.


Beautiful Tia Bajpai in Haunted - 3D Movie

Beautiful Tia Bajpai in Haunted - 3D Movie

The sound of the piano that begins “Jaaniya” Bhatt is a trademark sound, something that has attracted listeners for more than a decade now. Picks up just left of where ‘Tum Ho Mera Pyar “and submit Haunted pretty confident that a packaged approach would be a soundtrack to work as a whole rather than a single track running in the show. From this number, it’s Junaid Wasi lyricist who pens the songs. Sidharth Basrur is a new voice that is introduced and the youngster has a good job in singing this song to the shades of soft rock.

‘Bas Tera Hi Hona Chaahoon’ menu in a manner expected of a track Bhatt and this time around the introduction of ‘tabla’ at the beginning only makes the process more interesting. Sung by Jojo and Najam Sheraz, “Bas Tera Hi Hona Chaahoon” has a loud call on this and reminds of ‘Tujhe Bhula Diya’ [Anjaana Anjaani]. With a touch of Sufi element to it, the song is a passionate take on things but we wait to see exactly how it will be picturized and fitted into the film story.

Sidharth Basrur returned to the scene and this time the composition is even better with ‘Mujhe De De Har Gham Tera’ a few notches ahead ‘Jaaniya. There is a raw feel Siddharth’s voice that makes one hear even more closely because it has a unique touch. The song has a good flow to it and proves to be another track that would like to be picked up by Emraan Hashmi. In fact, if one of his ‘Mahi’ [Raaz - The Mystery Continues].

Another newcomer who is still an impression in each of his trips to leave now, or ‘Anjaana Anjaani Ki Kahani’ [Anjaana Anjaani] or “Main Jiyoonga ‘[Break Ke Baad] is Nikhil D’Souza, who solo gets for itself in the form of “You’re So Beautiful.” A love song that has an uninterrupted flow to when creating a think about a candlelight dinner or a stroll on the beach for a couple, ‘You’re So Beautiful “is the kind that could easily fit into a Valentine’s collection.

Finally, a song that might actually be named as the only situational song in Haunted. “Sau Baras,” as the title suggests, is again about “sadiyon puraani kahaani ‘and as expected, there is a spooky atmosphere. Not that it’s scary, but it is not really a kind of song you would want to wear at night if it actually carries an element of intrigue. Tia Bajpai, the leading lady of the film itself is behind the microphone for this one Croon and already one can sense a rough edge here or there, it is still about doing a decent job. Almost an unplugged song with hardly an instrument or two in the background, ‘Sau Baras’ are expected to play at different moments in the film.


As mentioned earlier, Haunted is not the kind of album that a single song stand out and make a huge impression in the stands has. There is not a figure emerged from nowhere to add to the commercial appeal of the album. Instead, the album of songs like ‘Tum Ho Mera Pyar “,” De De Mujhe Har Gham Tera’ and ‘You’re So Beautiful, “among other things, that potential for the implementation of the soundtrack of Haunted liquid account. Pride of vintage touch Bhatt, Haunted boasts a score worthy enough to be called the best filmmaker since Raaz.

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