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Rajkumar Hirani has decided to launch the first song of film “PK” in Delhi, the place where the whole film shot, after launching the teaser of film in Mumbai.


PK Official Poster 2014

PK Official Poster 2014

Sanjay Dutt calls Aamir a Tharki Chokra and the song is his dedication to him. Hirani has used a Rajasthani singer Swaroop Khan for this song as the song also has a Rajasthani feeling. Both Aamir Khan and Sanjay Dutt are in Rajasthani dress in the song which starts with an exciting dialogue and later Sanjay and Aamir balances each other.

The lyrics of “Tharki Chokra” are very funny while it is quite colorful and enriched visually. It is known that Sanjau Dutt is playing the role of a Rajasthani character while Aamir Khan will speak Bhojpuri for which he’s also took guidance.

Watch Movie 2014 “PK” video song “Tharki Chokro” Online:

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