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Hindi movies have often portrayed rare diseases / disorders / disabilities … Ghajini [Anterograde Amnesia], PAA [Progeria], My Name is Khan [Asperger syndrome] Taare Zameen Par [dyslexia], black [AD], Karthik Karthik CALL [schizophrenia], GUZAARISH [paraplegia]. Now Ganesh Acharya’s Angel speaks of Cerebral Palsy. Like its peers, Acharya is not only a focus on disability. Angel is primarily a love story … Prem Kahani in a hatke filmi lingo.





Love can happen anytime, anywhere, for everyone. It can happen to people who arrived at the sunset of their lives and also for people with severe disabilities. Although we talk about how love is the purest emotion, our society, very often, not to accept love when it does not fit into our perception of love. For an example, the love between an older person and someone half their age and love between members of the same sex or between disabled persons us uncomfortable. We get judgmental sometimes think we are equal, while others – those who do not act on what we feel is right – are referred to as rebels, eccentrics and misfits. ANGEL does. It is unconventional in the area, depicting a love story between a social misfit and a woman suffering with cerebral palsy.


Angel Hindi Movie

Angel Hindi Movie

There is talk that Angel is similar to GUZAARISH. Is not. Nor is it comparable to SADMA. In GUZAARISH Hrithik was completely paralyzed below his neck, while Madalsa Angel’s character can move and crawl. It is a fact ANGEL borrows heavily from a South Korean film called OASIS, directed by the renowned Lee Chang-dong. In fact, if you looked OASIS [it's one of my favorites], has the quality to stay fresh in your memory even after you have incalculable films reviewed later. ANGEL but not as a movie to a chord.

The subject matter is overwhelming fat-n-nice, but the challenge lies in implementing it with conviction. Ganesh Acharya had handled the emotional moments with flourish his directorial debut in Swami, but he does not get this time. He had a chance to make a compelling vision of what love actually means offer. But writing lets him down and therefore ANGEL not come across as an intriguing human drama. The delicate love story lacks the sensitivity, feeling, compassion and understanding it deserves.

Sexy Hot Maddalsa Sharma in Angel

Sexy Hot Maddalsa Sharma in Angel

Last word? Angel is not just a compelling human story!

Abhay [Nilesh Sahay] flaunts rules of society, unaware of or unconcerned with the consequences of his actions. After serving his sentence for the murder he had committed, Abhay decision to meet relatives of the deceased man and apologize for his reckless act. When he arrives at the address, he finds a couple move from their room, handing out their disabled sister, Sonal’s [Madalsa] responsibility to a caregiver [Rakhi hostile]. Sonal suffers from cerebral palsy, while her brother and sister-in-law to cash her disability. Abhay is attracted to Sonal and leaves behind his phone number.

Sonal Abhay calls a night. Slowly, a friendship begins to blossom between Abhay and Sonal. One fateful night, Sonal brother and sister-in-law to catch and Abhay Sonal sex. Abhay is arrested and it is to try Sonal Abhay, who is accused of raping her release. The world is against them …

Angel had the potential to move you with a compelling love story, but the writing is amateurish, while the execution of the material is just childish. There are gaping holes in the scenario and you wonder what it was okayed in the first place. Example, the concierge is never around when Nilesh Madalsa visit. Strangely, not even once do the neighbors living in this busy place chawl Nilesh Madalsa account for an outing.

Beautiful Cute Maddalsa Sharma in Angel

Beautiful Cute Maddalsa Sharma in Angel

That’s not all, the songs are like unwanted guests here that pop up at regular intervals. The lovers of the rustic chawl suddenly begin to sing songs in Switzerland, and back to the chawl in Mumbai when the song ends. The climax takes the cake. It is the most harried and looks like a screenplay of convenience, with Nilesh is released from prison rape so easy and free. The music does not work, except the title track. But the placement of songs is a problem. Cinematography is good. Dialogue bottom line.

Given the poor script, there’s not many of the key players really can not. Madalsa not try hard and do Nilesh. Both make a sincere effort and seriousness shows. The only series that really appealed to me when Madalsa Nilesh feeds, it’s a moving moment. Aroona Irani is, as usual. Manoj Joshi is loud. Kishori Vij Shahan gets no space. Rakhi hostile passable.

Overall, Angel not to impress.

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